About Me

Hello, I am Jon Letko

Jon with his wife Kristen, and his two young sons, Bradley and Caleb

Jon P. Letko grew up in the small town of Hampton, New Jersey. After attending North Hunterdon High School, Jon Letko completed his undergraduate studies at York College of Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. Jon is the owner and CEO of Global Healthcare Management, a medical supply company headquartered in Milford, New Jersey. He lives in Easton, Pennsylvania with his wife, Kristen, and his two young sons, Bradley and Caleb.

As a former athlete who now works in the healthcare industry, Jon Letko is no stranger to the benefits of exercise. In both his personal and his professional life, Jon promotes the advantages of a healthy and active lifestyle. Through his company, Global Healthcare Management, he sponsors the North Hunterdon High School football team. Jon is proud to be able to give back to his alma mater, for playing football was a greatly influential part of his life. In his words:

“Being a part of the North Hunterdon football team helped to shape my exercise habits and thoughts about healthy living. What I learned on the football field those 4 years about motivation, dedication, and hard work greatly impacted me and influenced me to become the individual I am today. In turn, I want to show my support to the current players on the team and help make their experiences on the field as positive as mine were and to help motivate them on and off the field.”

Breast Cancer Fundraiser

As a member of the community, Jon Letko is involved with a number of local charities and programs. Perhaps most notable are the fundraisers for breast cancer research which are put on by Jon and the rest of his staff at Global Healthcare Management. Jon matches every dollar raised by the company and its employees, and all proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. This cause is very dear to Jon's heart, for he lost his mother to breast cancer at a young age.

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women - in 2016 alone, it's estimated that 246,600 women were diagnosed with the disease. Statistics show that an astounding 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer over the course of her life. More research is desperately needed, and Jon Letko plans to continue raising money for the cause.

When he's not at work, Jon enjoys exercising and spending time with his wife and children.